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Scaffold® enables multiple industries by providing them with a Performance Intelligence solution that keeps their assets operating at peak performance.

Scaffold® monitors critical parameters of Industrial Assets and provides key insights on Asset Health and Plant efficiency. Scaffold® has implemented in both Power Generation and Power Transmission and Distribution Segment.

Scaffold® digitalizes and automates various functions under operations and maintenance and helps organizations move from Reactive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance.

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Metals, Minerals and Mining

Scaffold® enables Process Optimization using technologies such as Thermography to power Vision Intelligence at Process Industries. The platform automates manual processes using Computer Vision & Digital Technologies.

Scaffold® through Process Optimization helps reduce fuel consumption, improves output quality and improves overal plant efficiency.

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Discreet Manufacturing

Scaffold® enables AI Powered Inspections using technologies such as Thermography to power Vision Intelligence at Manufacturing and Process Industries. The platform helps carry out risk based inspections to detect asset wear & tear.

Scaffold® also helps carry out Remote Monitoring in hazardous work conditions to enhance worker safety. The platform can also be used for defect identification in Factory Assembly lines.

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